Zeno’s paradoxes

Zeno’s Paradoxes are a famous set of thought-provoking stories or puzzles. They were created by Zeno of Elea in the mid-5th century BC. Philosophers, physicists, and mathematicians have argued over how to answer the questions raised by Zeno’s Paradoxes for 25 centuries. Nine paradoxes have been attributed to him. Zeno constructed them to answer those who thought the idea of Parmenides that “all is one and unchanging” was absurd. Three of Zeno’s paradoxes are the most famous and most problematic; two are presented below. Although the specifics of each paradox differ from one another, they all deal with the tension between the apparent continuous nature of space and time and the discrete or incremental nature of physics.


source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeno’s_paradoxes


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